September 2016  
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At Midland Park Primary School our highly qualified teachers utilize researched-based best instructional practices daily as they hold our children accountable for mastering the South Carolina Standards.  We provide our students opportunities to reach their full potential through our wide range of supportive program and instructional resources to include:

  • A caring and supportive learning environment
  • Active learning opportunities
  • Integrated arts curriculum
  • Benchmark testing (MAP, DRA2+)
  • Diagnostic testing (AIMS Web)
  • Student intervention programs
  • Instructional Resource Support Teachers
  • Kaleidoscope – After school program
  • On-going professional development for teachers
  • Technology integration
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Student Celebrations
  • Character building activities
  • School Improvement Council (SIC)
  • PTO
  • PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)
  • Personalized Learning

Our School Hours are 7:10 AM to 2:10 PM

  • 6:50              Doors Open
  • 6:50              Breakfast - Classroom Activities
  • 7:10              School Day Begins
  • 7:20              Tardy Bell
  • 7:30              Morning Announcements
  • 2:00              Afternoon Announcements
  • 2:10              Dismissal

October's Book of the Month

  Clifford's Halloween


 Book Summary:  Out of all the holidays, Emily Elizabeth and Clifford like Halloween the most. They play games, trick-or-treat in the neighborhood, and tell ghost stories. Best ofall, they can wear costumes! Clown, witch, knight, or ghost--what will Clifford decide to dress up as this year?

Activities You Can Do at Home With Your Child:  

*Have students draw and/or write what they think Clifford should be for Halloween.

*Teach about past, present, and future. Use the book Clifford’s First Halloween to teach about the past. Use this book of the month to teach about present. Either create your own book about future Halloweens with Clifford, with student input, or have students create their own story book. 

*Listen to the story at:

*Craft - For a simple but effective Halloween craft that ties in nicely with the story line, use tissues to cover kid-friendly lollipops. Secure the tissue with orange or black yarn, and then use a black marker to make ghostly eyes and mouths. If time permits, read the story again. 

*Dolch Sight Words - The following Dolch sight words appear in this story: a, and, big, I, is, it, little, me, red, the, we. Use index cards to make flash cards for the sight words, and let the students select a card to hold. When they hear their sight word in the story, they stand and hold up the flash card. Let them point to the word and pronounce it, and then sit back down.

*Clifford Printables -

We hope you enjoy the book of the month with your child.  Stay tuned, because the book of the month for November is a good one too!