Midland Park Primary Media Center

Welcome to the MPP library. My name is Ms. Hollon and I am your child's school librarian! I love having the opportunity to get to know your student(s) when they come visit me in the library each week! We read and listen to many stories each and every week. It is my goal to get kids excited about books, reading and all the different types of stories that are out there! I utilize print, e-books, animated stories and felt board stories in the library to help introduce students to all the great storytelling options that I Iove. 

Some general information about the library:

Kindergarten students are allowed to check-out one library book per week. These books must stay in their classrooms and are not allowed to be brought home. 

Starting this school year our CD students will be able to check-out one library book per week! Like Kindergarten, these books will stay in the classroom. Each week they will have the chance to choose a new book. 

We will be learning about book care and libraries during the first few weeks of school. Students will also have the chance to make their own library cards! 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! 

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Contact Information

Email: jennifer_hollon@charleston.k12.sc.us

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 6:45-2:45

This Week's Updates & Assignments

  • Kindergarten students will be discussing apples, Fall, pumpkins and seasons over the next few weeks in the library!
  • First graders will begin to learn about library research using the Super 3 method. I will be taking suggestions for possible research topics from the students! 
  • Rules and expectations for library behaviors. 
  • Students will visit the library 2 times per week, I value their ideas and input for their media center time. 


  • Charleston County Public Library- www.ccpl.org 
  • Charleston County Public Schools- www.ccsdschools.com 
  • Amazon - www.amazon.com 
  • Scholastic- www.scholastic.com