School Hours

Our School Hours are 7:25 AM to 2:25 PM

  • 7:00              Doors Open
  • 7:00              Breakfast - Classroom Activities
  • 7:25 Tardy Bell
  • 7:25 Morning Announcements 
  • 2:20 Afternoon Announcements
  • 2:25            Dismissal
As a Primary School, we do not have bells during our instructional day.

Midland Park Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Students may begin arriving at 7:00 AM to school.  Prior to this time, all  parents/legal guardians must stay with their child until 7:00 AM.  
The car line drop off/pick-up line is located on the side of the school Raymond Street.   Please have your child/children remain in the car until the staff is ready to have them enter the building.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE PARENTS ALLOWED TO PARK AND WALK THEIR CHILD IN FROM THE CAR LOOP.  THIS IS FOR DROP OFF AND PICK UP ONLY.
The area to park and walk your child in is located in the Church parking located on Midland Park Road, on the right side of the building.   PLEASE DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF OR PARK IN THE STAFF PARKING AREA BEHIND THE ORANGE CONES!   This is where our children cross to come in the walker entrance and it is a huge safety concern.  
The bus loop in the front of the building is for buses only.  Do not park or drop your child off there at any time. 
Parents will be allowed to walk their child/children to class prior to 7:25 AM.  At 7:25 AM our instructional day begins and students are considered tardy.  You will not be allowed to walk them to class once the 7:25 AM bell rings.  A staff member will be available to assist your child to his/her class. 
Any conferences and/or visits with your child’s teacher must be scheduled in advance.


•  Dismissal begins at 2:25 PM with afternoon announcements.
NO transportation changes will be taken after 1:45 PM unless it is an emergency. 
All car riders will be picked up in the car rider line located on the side of the school on Raymond Street.
All walkers will be in the Media Center. Please park in the church parking lot located on Midland Park Road beside the school. DO NOT PARK IN THE STAFF PARKING AREA or IN THE BUS LOOP. 
All parents must come into the Media Center to pick their child up. Please do not stand in the lobby area. This is a very busy and congested time and we have children exiting several areas at one time. 
All Kaleidoscope/after care students will be escorted to the cafeteria.

Thank you for your cooperation with arrival and dismissal procedures!!