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Hello My Name Is...

Claire Miles

I am the kindergarten reading interventionist at Midland Park Primary.  I attended college at Radford University in Virginia, where I received a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  I have taught fifth and second grade, and have also taught English in Thailand for a year!  This is my fourth year as a reading interventionist at MPP. 

This month the students are continuing to learn the letters in their names!  Practice these letters with them at home.  Write their name on a sheet of paper, cut out each letter, and have your child put their name back together.  Have them write their name and say each letter as they write it.

Students have also learned the letters Mm and Ss.  Ask your child to tell you the letter name and sound and show you the action trick for each letter.  The action trick for Mm is to rub your belly while saying "mmmmm".  The action trick for Ss is to move your arm like a snake while saying "ssssss".  Your child should also be able to write these letters correctly.  You can write the letters and have your child trace them correctly.  This month your child will be learning Ff, Hh, Tt, and Cc.  

Students are also working on hearing and saying the first (or beginning) sound in words.  Practice with your child by asking them to tell you the first sound in common household items such as a spoon /s/, fork /f/, bed /b/, blanket /b/, kitchen /k/.